I’m Tabatha

An almost Colorado Native.

I married my middle school crush, who is a Colorado native and we enjoy traveling and hanging out in the mountains. We call Johnstown, Colorado home and it’s where we are raising our family one milestone and adventure at a time.

How I got started?

I was stay at home mom looking to redefine who I was with a good job.

I knew I had a caring heart and creative mind. I also knew my husband was gone a lot for work and I was home a lot with my littles. My options for work were very slim. I continued with my usual routine, where preschool drop off and pick up became my place to socialize with other adults. That’s where I met my dear friend and inspirer, Amy Tallent.

She offered me the opportunity to work at her company, The Tallent Company AND still be able to be stay at home with my kids. It was at her Company, that I was encouraged to explore my creativity in new ways. I discovered that helping clients stand out and make a real impact in the social media world was fun and I was good at it! I went to conferences, took classes and was mentored and motivated that I could do more!

So I decided to take a leap and started my own small business, a goal which has been sitting quietly until